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[SS/HP,BW/HP]Three Men and a Rose (end) by:Eriador117

Author: Eriador117
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Disclaimer: JK Rowling owns the Potterverse, I just play in it from time to time.
warnings: threesome, sexual situations between student and teacher, mentions of D/s, language.
Summary: written for the snape_potter Valentine challenge on LJ, trying to keep Snape and Harry in canon. Harry just wants to belong to someone.
Tried my best, but I'm not quite sure I got it right, LOL!
No HBP in this, so I suppose it could be considered AU.

Three Men and a Rose

Bill knew it must have been something of an emergency when his fire flared emerald at half past one in the morning; good news wasn't delivered a few hours before daylight. He was up anyway, his body clock still on Australian time even though he'd been back for a few days now. Gringotts had given him the week off, hardly surprising considering all the treasure he'd returned with, all fully checked and de-cursed before he handed it over of course. He might even get a bonus.

What he hadn't expected was for the person who tumbled out from the fireplace to be his youngest brother, looking as pale as one of the Hogwarts ghosts. Ron stumbled and righted himself, not even bothering with a greeting. "It's Harry," gasped Ron, almost as if he'd run all the way to Bill's London flat rather than Flooed there. "Tonight he decided to tell Snape how he felt about him. That greasy bastard threw him out on his ear and Harry's lost it. He said if Snape didn't want what he was offering, then he would find someone who did. Nice Valentine's present, huh?"

"Shit!" exclaimed Bill. "Where did he go? How did he get out of school?"

"Same as me," said Ron. "He Flooed into Hogsmeade, to The Hogshead and he had his broom with him. God, Bill, you should have seen him, he was really upset. Snape doesn't know what he did, Harry never told him."

"Told him what, Ron?" Bill could well imagine Harry's state of mind at the moment, Ron and Bill both knew Harry had a crush the size of Mount Everest on Snape, and had ever since Snape helped him defeat Voldemort at the end of his sixth year. Harry had come out on his seventeenth birthday, but Bill had guessed the boy was gay long before that. He'd tried his best not to dwell on the fact, considering Harry much too young despite his ready smile and tousled hair, not to mention his mother would probably have killed him if he so much as ventured anywhere near her adopted charge while he was underage.

"He's still a virgin, Bill, he was saving himself for Snape but I don't think Harry told him. Harry doesn't know about a wizard's first time, I don't think anyone's ever told him."

"What?" screeched Bill. This was worse than a mere rejection of an advance. Snape had refused the honour of being Harry's First, something that it was wise never to turn down, no matter how you might feel about the person requesting it of you. A wizard did not come into his full power until he lost his virginity – it was a very important rite of passage and to turn someone down was considered a grave insult. If they'd been living a few centuries previously, Harry's family would have been well within their rights to challenge Snape to a duel for Harry's honour. Mind you, if Harry hadn't told Snape that he was still a virgin then Snape could hardly be blamed.

Ron removed a page from a magazine out of his pocket. Although the magazine's name wasn't visible anywhere on the page, Bill recognised it, being one of the subscribers himself. "It's Harry's," said Ron and Bill tried not to laugh; it had never occurred to him that the magazine might have been Ron's, but it being Harry's was also a surprise. He'd known Harry was gay, but hadn't known that Harry was into bondage and discipline.

"I think he's gone to that club," said Ron, showing him the small advert for a dance club at the bottom. It wasn't just any dance club, it was the club for the S&M wizarding scene called Cane & Able. "Bill, you've got to do something, he could get hurt. He's never been to any sort of club before, never mind one like that. He can't have his first time with some stranger! It should be romantic with flowers and candles and all of that!"

"Calm down, Ron. If you think this is where he's gone, I'll go and look for him. You'd better get back and I think it’s time the headmaster knew that the Hogwarts wards don't prevent students from leaving by Floo. How did they miss that? You'd better get back and get some sleep."

"Sleep? How can I sleep when my best friend is out there having God knows what done to him?" Ron ranted a bit more, but Bill did manage to usher Ron into the Floo before he got dressed in his party gear: a pair of black knee-length dragon hide boots with a whip holder on the left boot and a wand holder on the right; a blue silk shirt with black buttons; black leather trousers; and a black dragon hide jacket. Into the jacket pocket he placed a studded leather collar before Apparating into the alley outside the club.

Harry was new meat, and virgin meat at that. Bill well remembered his own first time at Cane & Able, even though he'd been far from a virgin at the time. They would eat Harry alive especially if they suspected he was that rare commodity, an of-age virgin. Bill didn't like to bet on how long Harry would remain in that state considering the hunt that would ensue – both to be the first to have a taste of the Boy Who Lived's arse and then to boast about it to the Daily Prophet and anyone else who would listen.

Bill hoped Harry had sense enough to use a glamour at least, he didn't need any more publicity of that sort. As he reached the front of the queue, he was waved straight in by the bouncers who recognised him as one of the Masters who frequented the club when he could. Bill pushed open the door, engulfed almost immediately in throbbing music and multicoloured lights stabbing the gloom. He made his way to the bar, recognising the wayward hair even from the back, and determined to save Harry from himself even if he didn't want to be saved.


By the third drink, some weird blue concoction that glowed in the dark and Harry didn't even know the name of, he was feeling decidedly dizzy and could almost feel himself swaying on the stool. The barman hadn't even asked him for ID and Harry wondered if his scar was as good as a birth certificate for the Boy Who Finally Defeated Voldemort With Lots of Help From Snape But We Don't Talk About That, Do We? Harry could almost hear Snape's voice in his head. Drinking something you don't even know the name of, Potter? Serves you right if you get poisoned. As a way of shutting up the Snape in his head, Harry gulped down the rest of the drink and then wished he hadn't.

Happy Valentine's Day, Harry, he thought to himself and sighed heavily.

He was feeling more and more morose as the evening wore on and that hadn't been his plan at all. He was meant to be enjoying himself. He’d meant to cheer himself up by showing Snape what he was missing, only Snape wasn't here and the only thing Harry was likely to be showing anyone in the near future was his dinner coming back up. He slid from the stool and headed for the men's room, wondering if he'd even make it that far.

As he zigzagged through the crowds on the dance floor, he was asked to dance more times than he cared to count. He shook his head as anything spoken couldn't have been heard over the thumping music. Someone wasn't taking no for an answer and gripped Harry firmly by the wrist. The man was tall, much taller than Snape even and he had the bulk of uncle Vernon, although this man seemed to be all muscle rather than fat. Harry knew his protests wouldn't be heard over the noise of the music so he cast a small stinging hex on the man's hand and he let go of Harry's wrists, glaring at him. Harry ran for the men's room and once inside, he gripped the sides of one of the sinks.

One of the stall doors was shut fast, but he didn't need to see to know what was going on inside, the breathy moans and grunts he could hear letting him know exactly what was going on in there. Harry splashed cold water on his face, when he glanced up at the mirror the leering face of his would-be dance partner was staring back at him. A silent binding spell had Harry immobile before he could even attempt to defend himself.

The man licked his lips and stalked towards him, his eyes glinting and raking over Harry's form, lingering the longest on his arse. If Harry could have moved, he would have been shuddering.

Shit! Shit! Shit!

Harry should never have come here. How on earth did he allow himself to get into these messes?

"You're new," said the man, "so I'll let you off this time. But for future reference, you should know that no one denies a Master here. A Master asks you to dance, you dance. A Master wants to fuck you, you're going to be fucked whether you like it or not."

Harry glared at him, the only thing he could do really, but he knew the man was talking bollocks. Just because Harry might be a sub, did not mean he was going to do anything just because a Master asked it.

"Really, Dennis, I'd prefer it if you didn't cast binding spells on my pets," came a voice that Harry recognised. Bill? Bill Weasley? Harry couldn't move, but Bill moved further into the bathroom and Harry could see him in the mirror.

"He's yours?" asked the man, Dennis, as he turned to face Bill. "He wasn't wearing a collar."

Bill fished a leather collar studded with metal out of his pocket and grinned. "No, he isn't fully trained yet and he sneaked off without it tonight, but rest assured he will be punished. By me and no one else, are we clear, Dennis?"

"Yes, yes, of course, Master William, sorry," said Dennis as he released the binding spell holding Harry. Bill signalled silently to Harry and he knew what he had to do to make Bill's little scenario more realistic. Harry sank to his knees and hung his head. "I'm sorry, Master," he whispered to Bill's knees.

"You will be," said Bill as he placed the collar around Harry's neck before Disapparating them both out of the club.

Harry ended up back on his knees in the living room of Bill's flat, somewhere he'd never been before and going by the angry expression on Bill's face, probably somewhere he wouldn't be invited to again either.

"What the hell were you doing?" demanded Bill.

Harry hadn't moved from the floor. If truth be known, both the submissive pose and Bill's anger were having a marked effect on his cock. This wasn't like the man in the club; this wasn't frightening or even off-putting. Harry hadn't known that man, hadn't trusted him enough to give control over to him. Harry trusted Bill like he trusted all the Weasleys, except maybe Percy; he didn't think he'd ever get on his knees for Percy. Charlie maybe, or the twins and he really, really should stop thinking about all those sexy men right now.

Being on his knees in front of Bill wasn't frightening at all, it was exhilarating. Harry took a deep breath and risked glancing up. Bill's face was showing a mixture of hope and dread.

"Harry," Bill sighed. "You can take that collar off now, there's no need to pretend anymore."

"I'm not pretending, Master," said Harry, lowering his neck. "I want to wear it; I want to wear it for you."

"Harry, please don't joke about this. You have no idea how tempted I am by what you're offering, but I can't. It wouldn't be fair on either of us."

"Why can't you? I want you to - I want you to - to -" but Harry blushed before he could even say it.

"If you can't even say it, you have no business doing it! And for Merlin's sake will you get up off the floor? I'm getting a crick in the neck."

Harry felt the tears threaten as he pushed himself to his feet, but he held them back. His legs had gone to sleep and he wobbled a little as the blood flowed back into his extremities.

"Sit down, Harry," said Bill as he rubbed his neck with one hand and patted the sofa with the other. "We need to have a little talk."

Harry's heart lurched somewhere in the region of his throat. "You - you don't like me?" and damn it all, he was going to burst out crying any minute like a girl. What was wrong with him? What was so horrible about him that no one wanted to be with him except that leering man at the club? He had certainly been keen, but he hadn't wanted Harry, anybody would have done just as well. That wasn't what Harry wanted. He wanted someone who wanted him for Harry. Someone who knew Harry and – dare he even hope – loved Harry.

"Harry, of course I like you! But you and I both know that your heart belongs to someone else and you do not want to lose your virginity to me, believe me. It needs to be Snape."

"He hates me! He doesn't want me!" cried Harry, edging himself as far into the corner of the sofa as he could get.

"What exactly did he say to you tonight?" asked Bill softly, as if he was trying to calm a skittish animal.

"It doesn't matter," said Harry.

"Of course it does! Harry, you were brought up by Muggles, so perhaps you don't know how important it is to choose a partner to lose your virginity too. It's a very special honour and Snape should not have refused you if he knew about it. Did he know you were a virgin?"

Harry shook his head. The conversation hadn’t got that far.

"Wait here," said Bill as he gathered up some Floo powder.

Harry sank back against the sofa cushions and wished they would just swallow him. He knew where Bill was going, even before he called out, "Severus Snape's quarters."


Severus was sitting by his fireplace trying his best to concentrate on the book in his hand, but it was nearly impossible. All he could see were bright green eyes and messy hair that just begged to be tamed. He'd thought the two of them had been getting on better, he really did, but Severus had been on the receiving end of Gryffindor pranks for too long to allow it to mean anything else. How could he believe that Harry Potter was interested in him of all people? It was a joke, it had to be, but for a few seconds he'd allowed himself to believe that he was wanted.

His Floo flared into life and Bill Weasley popped into the room without even a by-your-leave.

"To what do I owe the pleasure?" sneered Severus. He was not in the least bit inclined for visitors tonight and certainly not one who reminded him of better times. He and Bill Weasley had conducted a six month affair after Bill had left school and before he took off round the world in his work for Gringotts. It had been good while it lasted, but they were both naturally dominant and knew it would never work out between the two of them. They'd parted amicably enough, relieved that there hadn't been a slanging match between them. It was Severus who’d taught Bill everything he needed to know about being a good Master. That was important, as Severus had known to his cost.

"Harry," said Bill without preamble. "How could you do that to him, Severus? How could you?"

Severus' heart grew even colder at the words. So Potter had run to Bill's arms, had he? He shouldn't have been surprised at the news, but it hurt more than he cared to admit.

"He's a student. I am not in the habit of sleeping with students, Mr. Weasley. Especially not one who ..."

"One who what, Snape?" Bill rested his hands on his hips, leather clad tonight. It was his clubbing outfit.

"I'm not stupid, all right? I know that every Valentine's Day the Gryffindors get together and dare someone to make a move on me. This time it just happened to be Potter. And anyway, I wouldn't be interested in him even if he was genuine. I do not want to end up just another notch on Potter's broomstick!"

"Severus, you've got it all wrong! Totally!"

"I'm not deaf, Bill! I hear the rumours, all right? That he doesn't care who he fucks as long as someone gets to warm his bed each night! You know what the Slytherins call him, don't you? Gryffinwhore."

"Fuck! Draco Malfoy started that rumour after Harry turned him down! He was waiting for you, Severus! He was waiting. Don't tell me you actually believed all of that? He's a virgin you prat and you've just turned down the honour of being his First!" Bill sighed and sat down in one of Severus' other chairs. "Do you know what he did after he left you? After you sent him away? He went to Cane and Able's. He'd never been to any sort of club before and he chose that one for his first visit. He was almost raped, Severus, and if he had been it would have been your fucking fault!"

"But he was rescued. By you." The knowledge was bitter and sat on his tongue like wormwood.

"He's at my flat right now, after offering me what you refused him. He's in love with you, Severus, and I am not so callous as to take advantage of him in that state. It's you he wants, not me. He wants you to be his First. I think he needs it too. Do something right for once, go to him right now and make love to him."

"Just like that?" quipped Severus.

"Yes, just like that! Before he does something foolish and ends up with some stranger. Believe me, you won't have any trouble seducing him. He's mad for you."

"And you, Bill? What about you?"

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"You're in love with him and yet you're prepared to walk away and let me fuck him?"

"As long as Harry's happy, I'm happy."

"Yeah and pixie-dust really does grow on trees! I have a proposition for you, William, if you're game."


"I want you there too. Both of us with Harry."

Severus could see the other man's eyes brighten at the thought, but he shook his head. "Harry's a virgin, wouldn't that frighten him off?"

"Is he a sub?"

"Yeah, I think so. He was on his knees earlier, like it was his favourite place in the world."

"Well, we'll just have to show him who his Masters are, won't we?"


Harry swallowed nervously as Bill's fire flared into life. He'd known this was coming, but he knew he would never be prepared for it. His heart tried to strangle him as he watched Snape exit from the Floo barely a few seconds after Bill. He supposed he should be grateful that Bill hadn't gone to McGonagall or the headmaster, he could handle a detention from Snape and the loss of points for being out of bounds; what he couldn't handle was a talking-to and dishes of lemon drops as the headmaster gazed worriedly at him and wondered where they'd all gone wrong.

It wasn't them. It was Harry; he was the one who was wrong, as the Dursleys had so often told him.

"I'm sorry, sir," said Harry, pushing himself up from the sofa.

"You will be," drawled Snape. "Sit down!"

Harry was so used to obeying orders from that mouth that his knees gave way without conscious thought and he found himself seated once again on Bill's sofa. "Have you any idea how foolish, how reckless you were?" snarled Snape. "What is in your head, Potter? Is there a brain in there at all?"

"Severus," protested Bill.

"You do know what sort of club that was, I presume?" continued Snape.

"Yes, sir." Harry could feel his face heat.

"And which are you, Harry?" asked the man and Harry's heart sped up. He'd never heard Snape call him by his given name before. What did that mean? And why was he asking such personal questions?

"Um, I think I'm a submissive," said Harry.

"You think so?" Snape sounded exasperated. "What experiences have led you to this conclusion?"

"Er... um ... I haven't really had any experiences like that. It's mostly what I've read, or pictures in magazines."

"So you've not actually had an encounter where you've played the submissive role?"

Harry's whole body flushed, it felt as if he'd just walked into a sauna. "Um, I haven't actually had any what you would call encounters. I haven't been with anyone like that."

"I know you are a virgin, Harry, Bill was kind enough to enlighten me on that point. Earlier today, I made a grave misjudgement about you. If I'd known what you were offering, I would not have been so brusque. Has Bill explained to you about the honour it is to become someone's First?"

"Yes, sir."

"Very well, but before we go any further, what exactly have you done?"

Harry blushed and the man smiled, a real honest-to-goodness smile. "It might be embarrassing but it will help in the long run. Let's see what you are already comfortable with."

Harry was under the impression that he was having a job interview and maybe that wasn't far off the mark. The position of Severus Snape's sex slave had a nice ring to it.

"Sir? Are you saying what I think you're saying?"

"I mean to remedy my oversight, Harry. I am pleased to accept the honour of becoming your First, if you still wish it."

Oh, Harry wished it all right, he just felt really bad for Bill. After almost throwing himself on the man earlier and now Harry was going to go off with Snape, how must Bill be feeling after he was the one who'd rescued Harry from that vile man?

"We also have a proposition for you, Harry," said Bill, grinning from ear to ear. "We would like it if you would consider allowing both of us to bring you pleasure tonight, but only if you want to."

Harry gaped from one man to the other. "B- both of you? You both want me?"

"Harry, who in their right mind wouldn't want you?" queried Bill. "But if you’d rather it just be you and Severus, that's fine too. I'll just disappear and leave you to it."

Harry had no idea what to think, but his prick had no conscience, it was pressing uncomfortably against the zip of his jeans at the thought of these two sexy men giving him pleasure. He couldn't stop a small moan of desire from escaping and bit his lip hard enough to draw blood.

"I think he likes the idea, Severus," grinned Bill.

"I think he does," agreed Snape as both of them dropped to their knees in front of him. "You still haven't answered, Harry. Your previous experience?"

"Just kissing. And - you know - touching myself."

"That's all?" Bill's eyebrows shot so far up his forehead they almost looked like part of his hair. "You've not fooled around with the other boys after quidditch or in the dorms?"

"No, Bill. I'm sorry."

Bill and Snape exchanged a strange look. "Do you hear that, Severus? He's sorry for being untouched."

Snape's hand reached out and caressed Harry's thigh through the fabric of his jeans, making Harry's breath hitch. It was almost as if he could feel the hand on his bare skin, even though he knew that wasn't physically possible.

"You have no need to apologise for that, Harry. We have so much to teach you. There won't be any Masters here tonight, Harry, this is all about your pleasure, not ours. But later, if you wish it, we can train you how best to please us. Would you like that?"

Harry nodded, or at least he thought he did. Snape's eyes were so intense and he could barely tear his own eyes away from them.

"What would you like to do first?" asked Snape, his eyes smouldering as he looked into Harry's. Harry thought he might burst into flame at any moment and he wouldn't need Floo powder to do it.

"Can - can you both kiss me?" he asked, blushing again and he really, really hoped he could stop doing that soon.

Bill had gone to stand behind the sofa and Harry felt Bill's hands rubbing his shoulders, his breath close to Harry's ear.

"My dear Harry, we can guarantee that." Bill pulled Harry flush against the back of the sofa and began peppering tiny kisses along his neck and jaw. Harry just about melted into the sofa as Snape knelt upright and leaned his head down towards Harry’s. Harry closed his eyes and opened his mouth as he waited for that first brush of Snape's lips against his own.

Snape's lips were so soft, much softer than he’d expected and Harry lost himself in the first real kiss he'd ever had. The sloppy mashing of Cho's lips against his own just didn't compare. Snape kissed him teasingly, then his kisses became firmer, more demanding, his tongue pressing hard against Harry's lips. Harry opened his mouth wider and allowed that tongue to enter his mouth. When their tongues touched for the first time, he let out a ragged moan deep in his throat and bucked his hips off the sofa.

Someone's hands began unbuttoning his shirt; he didn't know whose – Bill’s or Snape's, it didn't matter. All that mattered was that soon he was going to be naked and at the mercy of two sexy men. He was getting light-headed from lack of air, but air didn't matter either. He could survive on kisses, he didn't need oxygen, but maybe Snape did, for he pulled away from the kiss gasping for breath and gazing intently at Harry.

God, that look had him even harder and Harry made a noise, a sort of strangled whimper. "Please," he begged, but he wasn't entirely sure what he was asking for. Bill's hands wandered down his now naked chest, tugging on Harry's nipples until they stood up in little peaks and Harry was writhing with need. "Please! Oh, please!" he begged again.

Still staring at him, Snape moved his hands, caressing the planes of Harry's abdomen, but stopping short of the waistband of his jeans. Harry arched his hips, feeling wanton, shameless, and he was. If something didn't happen soon he felt sure he was going to die. The need had never felt like this when he'd touched himself and he didn't know how much more teasing he could handle. "Sir! Please!" he gasped, twisting on the sofa cushions.

At long last, Snape took pity on him and unhooked the top button, before lowering the zip and letting Harry's erection spring free at last. His boxer shorts were tented and already wet with the evidence of his desire and Snape licked his lips as he saw it. Bill was still toying with Harry's nipples, giving his neck and ear little nibbles and kisses as Snape pulled Harry's prick out from the slit in his boxers.

Snape gave Harry a grin and winked at Bill behind Harry's head, before he lowered his own and took Harry's rock hard prick in his mouth. Harry jerked at the sensation, he just couldn't stop moaning and groaning. He never thought anything could feel so good. Snape was an expert, sucking and licking, and it made Harry’s toes curl. Snape played with his foreskin, his tongue darting all around it, pressing little kisses at the tip of his cock until Harry thought he would go mad. All too soon he felt the tightness coil low down in his belly and lower still. "Stop! Oh God! I'm gonna come!" Harry tried to pull the man's head away, but Bill whispered in his ear.

"Ssh, Harry. Just relax. Come like this. You didn't think you were only going to get one orgasm tonight, did you? Go on, just let go."

Bill's words and Snape's tongue had Harry erupting into the moist cavern of Snape's mouth, his fingers clutched at the sofa, his hips bucked against Snape's head. Snape just kept pulling the orgasm from him, pulse after pulse as Harry felt as if his soul was being sucked out through his cock. His whole body was shaking, trembling with the force of his climax. He didn't think he'd ever shot so much before. His limbs resembled soggy spaghetti and Harry just lay there, sprawled on the sofa, totally dazed.

Bill leaned over. "Let me taste him," he said to Snape. Snape stood up and leaned over Harry, pressing his knees on either side of Harry's hips. Harry glanced up above him and felt his jaw drop to somewhere near his shoes. Snape was kissing Bill, not just kissing him, they were devouring each other and as Harry saw the smears of white moving between their mouths, he realised they were devouring him as well. Oh fuck, that was hot, watching the two of them kissing with his taste between them, moaning as if they had never tasted anything so delicious in all their life. Harry's cock was hardening again just watching them. He couldn't see Bill's cock as he was standing behind the sofa, but he could see Snape's pressing against the front of his trousers.

Harry reached out a hand and rubbed the erection through the trousers. Snape broke off the kiss and groaned, long and hard as Harry continued his ministrations. Bill grinned as he looked down and saw Harry's renewed erection.

"Bed," growled Bill as he leaned over and kissed Harry deep on the mouth, sharing some of Harry's taste with him. One of Harry's arms wrapped around Bill's head as the other kept rubbing Snape through his trousers. Bill pulled away and Snape helped Harry up from the sofa before scooping Harry up in his arms and carrying him through to Bill's bedroom. Harry's first thought was to wonder how Snape knew where Bill's bedroom was and his second was that in a very short amount of time, he, Bill and Snape were going to be tangled up in that wonderful, large bed.

Snape set him down on top of the covers and proceeded to kiss Harry breathless, kneeling astride him, while Bill continued undressing Harry, first his shoes, socks, the jeans and underwear were tugged down and thrown somewhere, Harry didn't care. He could always buy new clothes. Snape broke off one of those wonderful breath-stealing kisses and glanced down at Bill, who was know lying between Harry's legs, his face very close to Harry's inner thighs. Snape said a spell that had the other two men naked in moments.

"Prepare him, Bill," said Snape, before turning to kiss Harry once again. Harry was aware of nothing except for Snape's kisses and the licks Bill began giving him along his thighs, alternating between one and the other. He cried out in surprised pleasure when he felt that same tongue press against the crease of his arse, his hands tightening on Snape's waist. Harry didn't know how long he was lost in the haze of pleasure as Bill fucked his arse with his tongue while Snape kissed him like a man drowning, but he never wanted it to end.

Snape and Bill both pulled away at the same time, but Bill was back shortly afterwards after summoning a jar of oil from the bedside table. He liberally coated his fingers and Harry felt himself flush, he knew where those fingers were going next. Bill's tongue had already loosened the muscles and the first finger slid in easily without too much problem, the same with the second. The third one, Harry tensed up and it was the first time tonight he'd felt any pain. He bit his lip to stop himself from crying out.

Snape saw; he moved his hand and began to stroke Harry's cock, the pleasure distracting him from the strange stretching sensation in his arse and at last Harry felt the third finger slip inside him. Bill moved his fingers in and out, a prequel of what would be happening soon. Harry groaned and tossed his head on the pillow, his eyes fluttering closed as the pleasure washed over him in waves.

They shot open after Bill angled his fingers and brushed against something inside him that had him crying out and arching almost entirely off the bed. "Fuck! Oh God!" screamed Harry, panting as if he'd just run a marathon.

Bill grinned and did it again.

"Are you ready, Harry?" asked Snape, still stroking Harry's cock as he leaned down and kissed his nose.

Harry nodded. "Please. Yes."

Bill, seeming somewhat reluctant, removed his fingers and moved aside so that Snape could get between Harry's legs. Snape caught a pillow Bill had tossed down and arranged Harry's hips on it. Harry watched avidly as Snape coated his cock with the oil and gripped Harry's hips. "Bill," said Snape and almost at the same instant as Snape pushed forward, Bill had his hand on Harry's cock.

The muscles were a little resistant at first, Snape was much larger than Bill's fingers and Harry had expected his first time to hurt. It did, but more than he expected, not just where they were joined, but in his lower back and stomach too. He gasped through the pain. Bill began sucking on his wilting erection, coaxing it back into life as Snape slipped past the final barrier and he was all the way in. Snape stayed still, staring deep into Harry's eyes.


Harry nodded and it was as if Snape had been waiting for permission to move. Move he did, brushing against that same mysterious something that had Harry whimpering and moaning with need. Bill was doing his best to assuage that need, his mouth working in tandem with Snape's thrusts and Harry never thought he'd ever felt so wanted in all his life. "Fuck! Please! Oh God! Bill! Snape! Harder - fuck - harder!" screamed Harry, his hands fisting the bedclothes beneath him. He felt like a tightly coiled spring and any minute now he was going to snap in half.

Snape was kneeling on the bed, he pulled Harry’s legs towards him, Bill sucked even harder on his cock but it wasn't until Snape shuddered above him, filling Harry with wet warmth that his orgasm was ripped from him by Bill's mouth. Harry wasn't seeing stars, he was seeing entire galaxies. "Kiss me! Kiss me!" pleaded Harry. Bill was the first to accede to his request and Harry pressed his tongue inside Bill's mouth, relishing the taste of himself in the other man's mouth. When Bill pulled away from the kiss, Snape was there, probing Harry's mouth for more of his semen, then all three of them ended up kissing each other desperately until all of Harry's seed was gone.

Bill was still hard; Harry and Snape pushed him down on the bed and grinned wickedly at each other. Both of them leant over near Bill's leaking cock. "And now, Bill, it's time for your pleasure," said Harry as he and Snape licked Bill's erection at the same time.


Harry woke up wincing, he had aches in places he'd never had before. Two sets of strong arms were wrapped around him, both their owners still asleep and both snoring. As Harry tried to get out of bed without disturbing his two lovers (two lovers! he could hardly believe it), a shower of red rose petals fell from thin air and scattered the whole bed.

Snape woke first, batting the flowers away. "Bill! What the bloody hell is this?" he demanded.

Bill crooked one eye open. "What does it look like? It's flowers, Ron said a first time ought to be romantic. Well, Harry, was it romantic?"

Harry bent over and kissed both of them.

"Happy Valentine’s Day, Harry," he whispered to himself, despite it being a day later.


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wow, my heart was beating so fast when i was reading this catsa07paw i have never read anything like this in English and i like it ;) all i can say is HOT!!! catsa10paw

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俺看的第一部英文 H 文

Ms.anti-manner 发表于 2011-8-29 14:54:28

A little disappointment as the lack of ture BDSM...though the 3P has made up everything!(never deny being a 3P loverXD)
In here,I found Ron just like a mother role to Harry...look at that'..It should be romantic with flowers and candles and all of that!"Sooooo considerate and somehow i love it.

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