rin125 发表于 2020-4-15 17:28:15


hchang186 发表于 2020-6-16 01:00:33

It's a bit OOC, to be honest. I believe in the 4th novel there are conversations between boys talking dating and I can't imagine the topic would stay so innocent all the time. Not to mention Ron spent like half of the time dating and kissing that other girl in that book. But I can understand why the author makes Harry this way here. The innocent virgin is always the tastiest one.

丝丝陆蔻蔻 发表于 2020-6-18 10:04:51

I like the love between professor snape and harry Potter.Harry Potter in this novel is so cute.I am looking forward to the other chapter.Thanks for theauthor's permission.

林少_ETERNAL 发表于 2020-7-28 21:18:54


ETERNAL 发表于 2020-8-5 13:02:31

Harry is sooo cute!but I don't think most 17boys are so innocent when referring sex in reality. Maybe that's the influence of the war. and poor Snape.,afterteachinghimpotions,Oclumency,DADA
he still needs to teach him sth about sex!!!

trstr55 发表于 2020-8-14 16:32:42


mint19 发表于 2020-8-29 14:29:13

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