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Pretty in Pink (end) by:Eriador117

Author: Eriador117
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Pretty in Pink

"Did you get them, Hermione?" Harry asked almost as soon as his friend entered the common room, closing the portrait door behind her. It was well past midnight and most of the other students were safely tucked up in bed. Ron had waited up with Harry and they'd been playing a game of Wizard's chess until Hermione returned. Ron put the pieces back in their box, amid much shrieking and cursing as the animated chessmen made their displeasure about an unfinished game known. Ron slammed the lid down with a thud cutting off one of the knights mid-rant.

Hermione nodded, her knuckles tightening on the white plastic Muggle carrier bag she was holding with the name of a department store printed on the side of it.

"Harry, I'm not sure about this. These - this outfit, well it's not exactly, subtle, is it?" Hermione asked, blushing.

"I've tried subtle! The man doesn't do subtle. It's my last chance, Hermione. I'm leaving tomorrow; I have to know one way or the other whether we can make a go of it. I'd like to know before I go on tour with the Ballycastle Bats. I have to know."

"It's your funeral, mate," said Ron. "Or maybe Snape's once he's seen you in that get-up," giggled Ron.

Harry tried to pass it off as a joke, but in truth it was no laughing matter. He was in love with the most stubborn, snarkiest, greasiest bastard to ever grace Hogwarts' walls and Harry despaired of ever getting the man to notice him. He'd tried the odd subtle flirtation, a trip to the Three Broomsticks, a walk round the lake, even a blasted dinner invitation, but Snape never took him up on any of it.

Well, as of tonight's Leaving Feast, Harry was no longer a Hogwarts student and the snarky man couldn't use that as an excuse any more. Harry hoped it had been an excuse; he would end up humiliated and worse if the man really didn't care for him in any other capacity than a previous student and wartime comrade and friend.

"Harry, are you sure about this?" Hermione asked again, as if she could sense Harry's own doubts. Harry nodded, after all, what did he have to lose? He was leaving tomorrow anyway and if he was humiliated at the professor's hands, then at least it would be brief.

"Okay then," said Hermione. "You can use my room to get changed. You've got your cloak?"

"Yes. Thanks for this, Hermione. I mean that."

"You're welcome. Harry, I … I hope it works out for you, I really do."

"Thanks. Here goes nothing," said Harry as he hoisted the plastic bag in the air and made his way up to Hermione's bedroom. As Head Girl for the past year she'd been awarded the privilege of her own bedroom rather than sharing the dorms with the others and Harry had never been so grateful in all his life that it was the case. He could just imagine the ribbing he'd get from the other boys if he tried to change in their dorm.

Hermione's room was messier than Harry would have guessed. The bed was made, but books were strewn about every available surface, the floor, the desk, both sides of the bed, propping open the wardrobe door, lying on the dressing table and on the stool in front of it. Lacy lingerie hung on the mirror and along the bedposts, causing Harry to blush, despite the items he knew were in the plastic bag. The difference was that the items scattered about the room belonged to Hermione, his friend, and he should not be imagining what she looked like in a lacy bra and panties set.

He lifted the stack of books off the dressing table and stool and emptied the contents of the carrier bag onto it. There was a pale pink t-shirt, which would barely reach Harry's midriff; an even shorter pink mini-skirt; white stockings with pink garters; white fingerless elbow length gloves; two pink ribbons, a stick of pink lipstick; a black and pink choker, and a pair of black patent high heeled shoes with a platform sole at the front. Harry had no idea how he was meant to walk in those; he decided he'd walk down to the dungeons first before putting them on. No point in getting caught by Filch before he'd even got to his destination.

There was no underwear in the bag, maybe Hermione had been too embarrassed to buy lingerie for her male friend, but Harry's own boxer shorts would ruin the effect. He'd just have to go commando and that thought had the blood rushing down to his groin. "Later," he hissed to his cock. Sporting an erection now would ruin the line of the skirt. Harry undressed completely and put his own clothes in the carrier bag. He sat down on Hermione's bed to pull on the silk stockings first; he'd already cast a depilatory charm on his legs so they were as smooth as a pre-pubescent. Oh! He'd no idea that would feel so good; no wonder women wore these things! He shivered in pleasure as he smoothed the stockings onto his legs and attached the pink garters. His thighs bulged out a bit at the top of the stockings; he just hoped Snape would like it.

He shimmied into the skirt, it was a bit of an effort; the outfit wasn't quite skin-tight but it was a lot tighter than Dudley's hand-me-downs and Harry wondered how anyone could wander about in clothes so taut. The t-shirt was next and as expected, it stopped short of Harry's midriff. Harry caressed the smooth skin of his abdomen and imagined it was Snape doing the same; making his cock swell in anticipation. He smeared his lips with the pink lipstick, making kissing faces at himself in the mirror before placing the choker round his neck. His eyes looked so much greener in contrast to the pale pink lips.

Next he put on the gloves; they had pink trim around the fingers and edge which almost matched the shade of his t-shirt and skirt. That only left the two pink ribbons and the shoes. Harry grinned; tonight was about offering himself to Snape as a gift, wasn't it? And what better way to give a gift than to wrap it? Harry took one of the pink ribbons and tied it loosely around his burgeoning cock, just below the head in a simple bow. He mussed up his hair and used the other ribbon to keep it away from his eyes, although it still looked delightfully messy.

Harry grabbed the shoes and his invisibility cloak before making his way out of Gryffindor territory altogether and behind enemy lines. This was one battle he was determined to win.


Severus prowled the corridors as he usually did; just because it was the last night for the seventh years, didn't mean he would not take points or give detentions to any of the younger brats he caught out of bed. But it seemed his reputation as a mean bastard even on Leaving Days preceded him, either that or Filch had already caught any miscreants, for there was no one breaking curfew that Severus could find. It was almost one in the morning before he made his way back to his office; he knew he wouldn't be able to sleep, so he decided that he would organise some of next term's lesson plans, that would be enough to drive anyone's insomnia away.

He stopped in front of his office before going in; the wards had been breached and he knew that magical signature anywhere, having had firsthand experience of the boy's power during the war. No one else would dare break into his office, Leaving Day or no. What did Potter hope to achieve? The boy had a crush on him, Severus remembered all the stammered invitations to Hogsmeade and dinner.

But Harry was young, far too young to be saddled with someone as old and emotionally crippled as Severus Snape. So Severus had rejected the boy's advances – quite tactfully in Severus' opinion – and reminded him of their status as student and teacher.

He's not your student anymore, Severus.

Shut up!

Merlin's beard, now he was arguing with himself! Severus squared his shoulders and pushed the door open.

"Mr. Potter, you'd better have a good reason for being in my –" His voice trailed off as his mind took in the vision before him and it was a vision, for there was no way it could really be happening. Surely Harry Potter was not really lying on his desk, one arm splayed flat on the surface; the other hand smearing lipstick across his cheeks. Those long, lean legs encased in white stockings did not belong to Potter. One leg was lying flat on the table and one was bent at the knee, the calf arched due to the high heeled shoe on the foot, giving Severus a spectacular view up the mini-skirt which did not cover the not-Potter's groin. The cock at the juncture of the thighs was hard and leaking; tied up with a pink ribbon like birthdays and Yule all rolled into one.

Severus caught a glimpse of a smooth abdomen and two pointed nipples seemed in danger of bursting out through the material of the t-shirt. It was a hallucination, it must be; he really needed to get some sleep.

"Do you like what you see, Professor?" whispered the siren on his desk.

Well, the voice certainly sounded like Potter. Just that touch of impudence that made Severus want to slap the smirk from his pretty painted face. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" he settled for yelling instead. It was the voice he'd perfected over the years to terrify first years into submission. But Potter was no longer a wide-eyed eleven year old to quail at the angry tone.

He smiled at Severus; revealing perfect white teeth against the plump, pink lips. The brat looked liked he'd been kissed within an inch of his life already. When Potter's tongue darted out to lick the lips, Severus followed the movement with his eyes, his cock straining against his trousers. Oh, Potter had a perfect mouth and now as the tongue retreated behind it, saliva glistened on the lipstick and made Severus ache to taste those lips. He refused to give the brat the satisfaction of knowing how much this blatant display was affecting him. Not to mention the brat's attire.

Potter had always seemed a bit androgynous and now with the heels, the skirt and the ribbon in his hair he looked more girlish than ever. His cheeks were stubble free and from what Severus could see of the boy's thighs, the legs were smooth and hairless too. Severus' hands ached to run up those stockings, to touch, to squeeze and he had to bite back a moan of want. If it hadn't been for the cock straining against the ribbon it would have been all too easy to have mistaken Potter for a girl. But Potter was no girl, despite the make-up and the clothes.

He was staring at Severus with that seductive smile and it was infuriating. How had the brat known that for years Severus had harboured secret fantasies of seeing the beautiful boy in skirts and stockings, ribbons and satin? He could admit it to himself now: Potter was beautiful. There was no denying it. The female clothes – rather than making him look awkward, like a boy just pretending to be a girl – made him even more beautiful and unique and Severus could barely tear his eyes away.

Did Severus like what he saw? Dear Merlin, he loved everything, from the tight t-shirt that left the toned midriff open to view to the stocking-encased legs and the bow wrapped around that perfect prick, erect and already dripping copiously. Severus' own cock was throbbing in his trousers like a second heartbeat and he couldn't take it any more. The boy had been teasing him for months.

Severus finally wiped that smug smile off Potter's face, but he didn't do it with a slap, he did it with a kiss.


At first Harry thought he'd gone too far, especially when Snape demanded he leave. Harry had ignored the order, he was determined to see this through, and he'd already seen the lustful way Snape was staring at him and the telltale bulge beneath the man's robes. Snape was hard. For him. Because of seeing Harry like this. Harry's whole body shook with the force of his desire. He flushed under Snape's scrutiny – Snape had always been intense and to have all of that intensity focused on him was nothing short of electrifying; Harry was convinced they could plug Harry into a Muggle wall socket and he'd be able to power a small village.

When Snape prowled closer to him, his robes swishing along the flagstone floor, it was all Harry could to do to remember to breathe. He was sure Snape was going to yank him from the desk and throw him out into the Slytherin hallway. It was much better and much worse than what he had been imagining.

Better because Snape loomed over him like a vampire about to devour his prey before claiming Harry's mouth in one of the most heated kisses he had ever received. Harry had imagined their first kiss plenty of times before, but nothing could prepare him for the reality of it or how well the man could kiss. Cho had never made him feel like this. This kiss was hungry, hinting of things yet unsatisfied, as Snape licked and sucked on his mouth for what seemed like hours. There was a feeling of possessive desire in the kiss as Harry's lips were claimed again and again. Licks, bites, groaning, moaning with unfulfilled passion. Snape's kisses sent shockwaves straight to Harry's groin and when Snape's tongue finally pushed past his teeth to tangle with Harry's own, he was lost, spurting suddenly in pulsing, wet heat against the man's robes.

Snape pulled back from the kiss and smirked down at him. "My, my, Potter. A bit quick off the mark, aren't we?"

"Fuck, Snape! I couldn't help it!" exclaimed Harry, blushing in mortification. The man must think he was such a child.

Snape grabbed his head and yanked his hair back. "You will call me sir or this stops now!" he hissed and pressed a bruising kiss to Harry's lips.

Heck, Harry would call him Santa Claus if that's what he wanted and so Harry had no objections to calling him sir especially if it meant things would continue. "Sorry, sir," replied Harry.

Snape glanced down at his own robes, where Harry's emission stained them white. "You've made my robes dirty," said Snape. Harry fumbled for his wand, intending to cast a cleaning charm, but Snape clamped his hand around Harry's wrist. "Oh, no, Mr. Potter. Your body made them dirty and your body will clean them. Use your mouth."

Harry gaped at him, not quite believing what the man had said, but he couldn't deny the fact that he shivered with pleasure at the forceful tone. He should have known Snape wasn't going to make it easy for him. Harry sat up straight on the desk and then leaned forward so that he could reach Snape's robes. Harry darted his tongue out and began to lick his come from the man's dark robe. Snape groaned as soon as Harry's tongue began lapping at the fabric and the sound had Harry hardening again, although he wasn't sporting anything like a full erection yet. Harry had tasted himself only once before as an experiment but it hadn't been as good as licking his come from Snape. That thought sent his head reeling and spurred him on to suck faster and harder.

Harry's emission had landed just to the side of Snape's cock and as Harry lapped and licked the clothes clean, Snape's moans got more and more pronounced. He wondered what would happen if his tongue happened to lick a little bit closer to Snape's groin. Harry glanced up; Snape's eyes were half-closed, inky eyelashes dusting his cheeks. His lips travelled gradually over the fabric, he'd licked them clean, now it was time to kiss that erection that Harry had been eyeing as soon as he'd noticed it.

As soon as Harry pressed a kiss to the front of the robes at Snape's groin, he yanked Harry's hair again and growled at him. "If you're going to do that, you may as well do it properly, Potter."

With that, Snape opened the front of his robes revealing the black waistcoat, black trousers and white shirt underneath. Long, elegant fingers slowly undid the trousers and Harry's mouth watered at the treat soon in store for him. He had never in all his fantasies imagined that the man would allow Harry to suck his cock! Harry groaned and pressed a hand to his groin, earning him a slap from Snape.

"That's mine, no touching," commanded Snape as he pulled his cock free from the confines of his trousers and underwear. Harry had never done it before, but he'd practiced a bit with a banana, which the twins had suggested but no banana on earth could have ever prepared him for the size of Snape! Not unless it was some form of magical plant.

He must have looked nervous or scared for Snape was quick to reassure him, despite the commanding tone of earlier. "Relax, Potter. I don't expect you to deep throat me. But I do expect you to swallow. Well, I'm waiting."

"Yes, sir," said Harry as he shuffled to the edge of the desk, the skirt riding up so that he was sitting bare-arsed and his cock was in full view and demanding attention. Attention that he wasn't allowed to give it yet. Harry stared up at him, wanting to imprint this moment in his mind forever. The small red flush on Snape's cheeks, the way his breathing was beginning to get heavier the longer Harry kept him waiting.

Harry turned his eyes down to the cock a few inches in front of him. Long and wide, so purple it almost looked bruised. Clear fluid dripped from the erect tip, gathering in the foreskin and Harry could wait no longer. He lowered his head and took as much in his mouth as he could. "Mmmm," he moaned around the delicious mouthful and began sucking in a steady rhythm for a little while. Using his hands on the lower part of the shaft that he couldn't fit in his mouth, he pulled and pushed, licked and sucked, varying his pace a little. He swirled his tongue inside the foreskin and around the head, licking up every bitter drop, his own erection so painful it was beginning to hurt.

Snape's moans were like hearing music. Snape was the instrument Harry was playing and although Harry had never played this particular instrument before, he felt as if he was becoming quite proficient. Lick, suck, rubbing along the shaft. His jaw was beginning to ache but Harry didn't want to stop until he felt Snape shooting his come down his throat. He moaned at just the imagining of it. Harry didn't think he would be able to last as long as this if it was the other way around and he wondered what he could do to help things along.

Using his left hand on the shaft, he fondled Snape's balls with the other. The man grunted and thrust his hips forward, almost choking Harry in the process. Harry's eyes watered but he didn't relinquish his hold on the cock in his mouth. He hollowed his cheeks and sucked and sucked for all he was worth.

Snape yowled and grabbed handfuls of Harry's hair, thrusting his hips wildly. Harry felt the cock inside his mouth pulsing and a few moments later Snape was howling his release down Harry's throat. Harry swallowed as much as he could, but there was so much that some dripped out around Snape's cock and down his chin.


Severus' legs wobbled at the force of his orgasm. He glanced down at Potter, still with Severus' cock in his mouth and with come dripping down his face. The boy looked deliciously debauched and if Severus hadn't just come with the force of a runaway train the sight might have had him climaxing again. His cock gave an interested little twitch before he removed it from Potter's mouth.

The boy shifted restlessly on the desk and Severus knew it was because he was so achingly aroused. The hard cock jutted out proudly from its nest of dark curls and although it would be no hardship to take it in his mouth, it was the arse Severus was more interested in tonight.

He leant down and licked Potter's mouth free of his seed; then he kissed it back to Potter. Oh, Merlin, the noises the boy was making! Excited little mewls and groans as he kissed Severus as if he was a man drowning and Severus was air. Wary of his age and his excitement, Severus kept his body well away so that Potter couldn't rub up against him again. He moved his hands down, splaying out over the smooth stomach and then down still lower.

"Lie back," Severus whispered as he pulled his lips away and caressed the boy's cock. "Make sure your arse is over the edge of the desk."

Potter whimpered as he obeyed and soon Severus' fingers found their way to the thighs and the secret that nestled between them. There was a gasp of breath as Severus tried to breach him and met quite a bit of resistance.

"Relax, Potter. You have done this before, haven't you?"

Potter was quiet. Too quiet. All the blood in Severus' body seemed to rush to his groin as he understood what that silence might imply. No one else had ever fucked Harry Potter before. Was he a top? That might pose a problem; Severus had tried bottoming a few times, but it wasn't his preference, fun though it might be.

"I'm a top, Potter. If you're interested in topping, I suggest you try someone else."

"No, sir. I don't want to top. I want you," Harry said breathlessly, his fingers gripping the edge of the desk so hard his knuckles were white. "I've never – I've never wanted anyone else."

"What are you saying?"

"I've not – I've not topped. I've never been with anyone else, sir. I was waiting for you to notice me."


"No, sir. Just some kissing and stuff, nothing too heavy."

Merlin, a complete virgin and he wanted Severus for his first time? Was Potter mad or was he? Severus knew the risks; if he was Potter's first, then the boy would be quite likely to mistake the pleasure he felt at the physical act for love of the person giving him that pleasure. He was too inexperienced to know the difference between love and sex yet and despite wanting nothing better than to be the first to take the gift offered, Severus knew it wouldn't have been fair on the boy. He was leaving soon, offered the reserve Seeker position with the Ballycastle Bats and they were touring around Europe for a couple of months.

Harry would have plenty of opportunity to meet someone else and fall in love and Severus could not deny him that chance at happiness, however slim a chance it might be.


Severus realised he had been quiet too long. He glanced down, at the legs hanging loosely over the desk and then his gaze travelled up the firm body to the flushed face. Harry was squinting up at him, those emerald eyes staring into his very soul. He couldn't take Harry's virginity, but that didn't mean he couldn't give him pleasure.

"Scoot forwards, lift your hips a bit."

Harry did as he was bid and then Severus sank to his knees, as ready and eager as any worshipper. Severus whispered a spell and heard Harry's surprised intake of breath as he did so. With Harry's status no longer in doubt, Severus knew he was unlikely to have received this pleasure either.


Harry almost shot off the desk when the felt Snape suckling on his sac, taking each ball in his mouth and swallowing around them. Oh God, that felt so bloody good! He squirmed as the sensations almost became unbearable. His cock was hard and throbbing as his balls were sucked and licked as if they were the most delicious sweets in the world.

"Sir! Please!" pleaded Harry, unsure what he was begging for but just knowing that he wanted more and he wanted it now.

His balls were released, Severus blew softly on them and Harry felt goosebumps cover his whole skin, not just on his balls. All the hairs on his body were standing on end as he was scrutinised under that intense stare. His cock was dripping precome down his shaft, where it was pooling on his groin and abdomen. Snape's head was still down between his legs.

"Lift your legs. You can touch your cock; make yourself come when you want to."

"Thank you!" Harry cried in delight, wondering how much more teasing he could take. Snape bent down again and all Harry could see was the crown of his head and the dark hair there. A soft lick of Harry's sac again and then that tongue moved lower, caressing his perineum. "Oh God!" moaned Harry and rocked his hips a little. Snape spent quite a bit of time there, sucking and licking, nibbling and nipping and Harry thought he had died and gone to Heaven.

That was, until the tongue moved to the side of his body and began to lick and tease his inner thighs. Harry's legs quivered as Snape blazed a trail down one thigh and up the other before stopping in the middle. Harry could feel the man's breath there, just blowing gently on his opening and he twitched with pleasure.

Then the tongue circled round and round him, but not breaching him. Harry was beyond being coherent by now; he moaned and shifted his hips, trying to coax without words. He was so empty; his muscles were clenching around empty air. "Please! Oh, please!" he panted. He could feel the tension in his cock and his lower belly. "Please!"

His pleas were answered as that wonderful, scathing tongue pushed inside. Harry screamed in bliss as Snape licked and licked Harry in the most intimate place. Snape's tongue was inside him; Snape was inside him. Nothing could have prepared him for how this felt. Harry had never even tried a finger up there before and here Snape was shoving his tongue up there and making the most wonderful noises, as if he was enjoying it immensely too.

Harry knew that it wouldn't take long to come if he touched his cock, but he was enjoying this too much to stop now so he kept his hands to his sides and gripped the desk, wanting to feel everything that Snape was doing to him. He thrust down against the tongue, impaling himself again and again. Oh, God he didn't want this to end! Sweat covered his whole body as he was brought to the edge again and again by Snape's ministrations.

Snape's hands were firm on his thighs, pushing Harry's legs even further apart as far as the skirt would allow as he smacked wetly against and inside Harry's arse. Oh, God, those wonderful, wet sounds were having an effect and Harry knew he couldn't bear it too much longer. Already his cock was straining against the ribbon at its tip. Harry yanked it off and began to stroke his cock in time to the thrusts Severus was giving his arse.

"Harder! Deeper! Oh God, deeper!" groaned Harry as he canted his hips a little. Snape swirled his tongue and drilled it in as deep as he could. Harry stroked his cock faster and faster, feeling the need uncoiling like a snake in his belly. His own hand was a blur as it stroked and stroked his aching cock. "Sir! Sir!" Harry shrieked in ecstasy. His arse clenched around the tongue inside and suddenly he was there, falling into the sky as he spurted copiously over his hand and groin. Snape still tongued him until the last of Harry's tremors had subsided and there was nothing left in Harry's cock.

"Wow!" Harry managed to gasp out, feeling completely drained. In all of his fantasies and imaginings, he had never imagined anything like that. "I've never felt anything like it. I think my bones have melted."

Snape stood up and smirked down at him. "I believe that is the idea, Mr. Potter."

"You've just had your tongue up my arse; do you think you could call me Harry? I can still call you 'sir' if you want."

"Funnily enough, I don't think I would mind you calling me Severus, Harry." He gave Harry a small smile, a real one, not a smirk or a sneer. Harry yawned and clasped a hand over his mouth.

"Time you were returning to your dorm, I think," said Snape - no, Severus.

"Can't I stay the night?" asked Harry. "I'm a bit tired now, but I'll have time in the morning."

"No, Harry. I'm sorry; I don't think that would be such a good idea."

"Why? I'm not your student anymore and I thought you were enjoying things with me?"

"You may not be my student but you are still a young man about to embark on an exciting career, meet lots of new people, travel to distant places. I am not about to take your virginity, Harry. I just can't do that."

"After all that, you're still rejecting me?" Harry was appalled to find hot tears stinging his eyes and he tried to wipe them away before Severus saw. He was too slow, Severus had already seen. Severus leaned over him and kissed them softly away from his cheeks.

"Oh, Harry. It isn't a rejection, it's a postponement."

"Postponement?" echoed Harry.

"It's time for you to live your life free from any burdens or commitments placed on you by others, including me. Go, live your life, sow some wild oats and if you still feel some connection to me, then you'll know where I'll be. You might meet the love of your life on your tour."

"You're the love of my life! I don't want anyone else!"

"But you've never been given a chance to find that out, have you? Take that chance, Harry. I'm not going anywhere."

"I want you, Severus!" sobbed Harry. "I've never wanted anyone else the way I want you!"

Severus wrapped strong arms around him and helped Harry down from the desk. Harry's skirt was covered in come, as was his belly and Severus' robes; he realised the man must have come while he'd been fucking Harry with his tongue. The thought almost made his legs collapse from under him.

"Ssh, Harry, sshh. It'll be all right, you'll see."

"I'll come back to you, Severus. I promise," said Harry as he clung desperately to him. "You're in my heart now and once you're in there, it's forever."

"Go, have a life," ordered Snape as he pressed a soft kiss to Harry's forehead and then cast a cleaning charm over both of them. "Goodnight, Harry and may fortune go with you wherever you go."

"Thank you," said Harry as he kissed him on the lips once again. Harry was determined he'd be back in these arms in less than a year and it was a struggle to leave the embrace and make his way to the door. He did it, wanting to show Severus that he was strong; he could be an adult about this. "Goodnight," Harry called from the door.

"Oh, and Harry?"

"Yes?" Harry's hand hovered above the handle.

"You look very pretty in pink."


A/N: Inspired by the Picture "Take me Home" by sh4rds
The picture can be found here: Not work safe!
The artist gave me permission to use the art as basis for the fic :)

Ericazxy 发表于 2010-9-26 16:35:47

OMG I can totally imagine Harry being pretty in pink!! 教授很绅士诶!!感动! 写的很好看 catsa07paw

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哈利穿女孩的衣服很可愛. 我喜歡的作家形容哈利不會顯得彆扭

ayue.711 发表于 2015-1-19 11:20:05

Before graduate from school, put on girls skirt to serice professor. Brave Harry.
幸福的教授 小哈为了你这么拼命 毕业以后继续好好在一起吧

JoySL 发表于 2015-2-16 19:14:49

Way too FLUSHING!!!
Eriador117的炖肉功力真是太厉害了。。虽然异装但一点都不娘 不知道为什么好多外国写手都会写教授是个异装癖LOL

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"You look very pretty in pink."

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A lot of pink...brave Harry ! But snape was still calm as usual...pity
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