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Harry Potter and the Cupboard Bunnies of Doom (end) by:Eriador117

Author: Eriador117
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Harry Potter and the Cupboard Bunnies of Doom

Harry's lungs were on fire. "Quick, in here, Potter!" yelled Severus as he pulled Harry into the nearest broom cupboard and locked the door.

"It's a broom cupboard," said Harry, panting for breath.

"I know that, you idiot! We'll be safe in here."

"How can you be so sure? There are hundreds of the things out there."

"She's never written a story set in a broom cupboard before. Believe me; we'll be safe enough in here."

"You're an idiot, Severus. Didn't you read the title? The bunnies will find a way in, they always do."

"Plot bunnies can't attack in a broom cupboard, Potter. There's nothing to do in here but wait until they go away."

Harry smiled up at his former professor. "Hmm, I don't know that there's nothing to do. I'm sure we could think of something." As he spoke, Harry's hands wandered about in the dark and pressed flat against Severus' firm chest. Oh, how often had he dreamed of that chest above him, pressing him deeply into the mattress as the man's scathing tongue licked a trail down... The slap on his face brought him to his senses.

"Harry! Snap out of it! There are PWP bunnies out there you, imbecile and you've almost fallen under their spell!"

"Well, at least it would give us a rest from all the angst bunnies, wouldn't it? Come on, why don't we just give in? It's not as if there is anything else to do in this cupboard."

"Harry, I'm not even gay!"

"You will be soon enough," replied Harry. "I saw slash bunnies out there as well."

"Not slash bunnies? But that means that we'll have to..."

"Yep," grinned Harry, sinking to his knees and fumbling beneath the man's robes to fondle Snape's hardening erection. "Told you. Slash bunnies," said Harry. "There's no point in fighting it. You know she always wins, let's just go with the flow."

"We can't!" Severus protested hotly. "You're not my student anymore. You know she normally writes you still at school. I don't know how to react to you as an adult."

"It's the Ol- oops, we can't use the 'O' word, can we? The games fic, post-war, she's probably writing this to get in some practice at writing me older."

"And the first thing that comes to mind is a PWP?"

"Nothing wrong with a bit of good-old fashioned PWP now and then," said Harry as he finally managed to get Severus’ entire myriad buttons undone. Really, would it have been that difficult for the author to write him as naked beneath the robes? They were in a PWP after all.

"If you bite me I'll hex you!" warned Severus.

"I've no intention of biting you. Licking you, sucking you, yes. Swallowing you whole."

"Your mouth isn't big enough for that."

"Lumos!" Harry cast the spell so that he could see better to what Severus was referring to. Indeed, the man was rather large in that department and he wondered if that old adage about nose size was true. Severus' cock was so purple it almost looked bruised and it jerked as Harry continued to stare his fill.

Bunnies were scrabbling against the door and Harry knew they'd have to be quick if they didn't want to be attacked by angst or horror bunnies before they finished. Harry could almost imagine the scenario now, just as he was about to take Severus in his mouth; a horror bunny would attack and both of them would be turned into vampires or worse.

Really, the woman was beyond cruel sometimes. Harry had lost count how many times he'd been abused by the Dursleys, he'd been raped, he'd been paralysed, he'd got cancer, had mental breakdowns left, right and centre and then to top it off, she had to go and castrate him as well for good measure! It was a wonder he and Severus were still sane after all that had been written about them.

"What are you waiting for? An engraved invitation?" sneered Severus from above and Harry couldn't hide his smirk. The door was locked; the bunnies weren't getting in here. Not until Harry had his fill of that lovely cock in his mouth.

He bent his head and licked the tip free of clear fluid. Above him, Severus groaned and tangled his hands in Harry's hair. Harry began by licking a trail along the vein on the underside, loving the way Severus' prick danced in his mouth as he did so. His own cock was throbbing like a second heart beat in his trousers and he shifted forward a bit so that he could rub up against Severus' leg.

"Merlin, Potter! I had no idea you would be so good at this!" Severus' hands tightened further, making Harry's eyes water a bit. Severus groaned and thrust his hips into Harry's waiting mouth, almost choking him in the process. Harry's jaw was beginning to ache from the unaccustomed pressure of something so large in his mouth and he began sucking harder and harder, wanting to feel Severus coming down his throat.

"Don't stop!" moaned Severus as Harry eased his mouth back a little just to breathe, but Harry had no intention of stopping.

Harry sucked and licked for all he was worth. The cock in his mouth pulsed once, twice. With an earth-shattering moan Severus spilled himself into Harry's eagerly awaiting mouth. Harry swallowed as much as he could, but some leaked out and dribbled down his chin. Once Severus had softened, he removed his prick and glanced down at Harry with a bemused grin.

"Merlin, Potter. We'll have to do that again!"

"I thought you said you weren't gay?" grinned Harry.

Severus knelt down on the floor of the cupboard and reached out to unbutton Harry's robe. "I think I might be persuaded. It seems bunnies might have their uses after all."


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Well,I like that word /former/,which lies in the sentence :Harry smiled up at his former professor.Oh,now they are no longer teacher and student,they are loveers.禁忌的师生恋啊,好有爱的同人,居然在扫帚间里面工口什么的,好像捂脸逃跑。

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I cannot believe Professor is so cute!, especially when he claimed as "Harry, I'm not even gay!" in the article.And the best part is the word from Harry "I thought you said you weren't gay?" OMG,why your guys so brilliant!{:1_344:}

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教授嘴上说不要身体却很诚实嘛233 最后还是成功被小哈掰弯catsa20paw

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