zzzznights 发表于 2019-3-26 11:33:21


李达康 发表于 2019-5-11 20:33:23


hp总受 发表于 2019-5-28 10:43:13

hot hot hot~~oh yeah~~ I like the way how people use english to present the sex scene.baby~Give me more~please~

天龙座 发表于 2019-6-16 14:35:51

so cute 在下雨天看的真是最好不过了

Vellichor 发表于 2019-6-20 15:42:41

A very sweet story indeed; what a pity it isn't Christmas now!

一只原景 发表于 2019-6-22 00:57:09

Gryffindor &Slytherin !I have to say this kind of Unbreakablecharm is my favourite !I think Ronneed to improvehis patient ."I 'ma Malfoy . It ' s what Ido "That's the most attractivefeatureof Draco _(:D)∠)_我真的爱了,DM就是这样让我迷上了德哈

居北巷南 发表于 2019-8-23 07:57:27

The story is ok, there is a warm feeling, but I feel that the author’s literacy is somewhat flawed.Ideas are just a very fresh idea, but there is some weakness behind.But still a good story, the core is very warm

cathyiyiyi 发表于 2020-2-1 23:23:02

wow 12 days of chrismas celebration, is really sweet that draco and harry get to reveal eacho othes love in the process of gving presences. how sweet is that.

cathyiyiyi 发表于 2020-2-1 23:27:17

the 12 days of giving presences provide an opportunity for darco ans harry to revaeal each others love, how sweet is that.

vastree 发表于 2020-3-17 00:32:02

Omg I love it
My eyes are starting to water
So sweet
so pretty
Best wishes to the couples
Though I have to be honest I haven’t read a lot of Snape with Sirius
Might need some time to get used to it
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