yiu1997 发表于 2011-9-13 12:28:09

This is first time to read an english article on the internet.
That's great, just some of the words I don't know.
故事很甜, 一開始知道Draco喜歡Harry的時候, 我還以為是個單戀, 沒想到Harry也是在暗戀他

min_zoe_ 发表于 2011-10-8 23:49:38

Ron said:'Then maybe Malfoy will stop stalking you in the halls and just snog you or shag you already.'   This is my favourite sentence in the story, I like the way Ron behavior, and I hated when some people describe Ron broke up with Harry just because Harry love Draco. I apparently can't stand it.
<12 days until midnight >is an easy and sweet story, I feel warm and comfortable when I finish it. TKS 4 transshipping the lovely story~


炼金术士 发表于 2011-10-9 17:30:35




camillayoung 发表于 2012-7-31 23:03:46

回复 7# 微笑の风

    同学,我也是,看到这段是简直是笑high了,尼玛这熊孩纸太扯了~~o(>_<)o ~~

mika_艾凌薇 发表于 2012-7-31 23:38:58

Interesting x
I love the conmunicate between Ron and Malfoy~(OK,I know is has no relationship with DM/HP...)
Sirius and Dumbledore...Merlin's pants...I can't imagine it...

Sherlock1842 发表于 2012-8-9 01:25:49


Grace_Die 发表于 2012-9-28 14:20:06

love this type of story{:3_202:}

get familiar and get in love~

I'm not a person who is used to giving a long comment after reading a story or sth, but this one is just so sweet that I can hardly keep myself from smiling~

Though I cannot read in English as fast as I do in Chinese; however, I enjoy the process, and it cannot be denied that if sth is translated into Chinese, some particular feelings may be missed~

All in all, I love this story~{:1_236:}


发表于 2012-10-14 22:48:45

It's such a lovely story{:1_344:}I really enjoyed it.
And I thought it was so romantic to propose under a mistletoe at Christmas night,so,I love this storyXDDDD
很喜欢这篇文章 圣诞节的气氛很浓郁 超爱里面的求婚场面啊XDD

Miss-sixty 发表于 2012-10-14 22:59:48

Lovely storyXDDD makes me wanna sing songs right now<3
故事很温暖 总之是篇好文呐XDDcatsa01paw

graybbit 发表于 2013-7-3 23:40:47

看完这篇我 挺感慨的 就是说不吃出来 呜呜 看的很费劲
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