Suoyck 发表于 2017-6-11 12:26:15

Well. I am ready to love this writer.
This is really a sad story but this type of story always attrack peoples. Am i right? If i can got sometime ,i would like to translate this article into Chinese!!! {:1_234:}


老佳淇 发表于 2017-6-30 20:27:42

“It won’t be too long now, my love.”



小阿里里 发表于 2017-7-2 21:23:05

I have to improve my English...Although this is a little bit difficult to understand,and I usually need Bai DU to translate,this story is fantastic.啊啊啊 看起来有点吃力啊 catsa07paw感觉是个提升英语阅读能力的好方法呢。。。(疲惫的笑)不过还是很满足

Montian 发表于 2017-7-10 11:10:19


LaurelValley 发表于 2017-8-4 20:29:44

I'm so sad,cause I thought it's a sweet story but it's not. But be honestly, the love between them shocked me and it must make a great impression on me. Finally now i want to do nothing but cry....
唉真的很想哭的。原本以为会是个甜文然而...但还是很喜欢这个故事 比心

向小涵 发表于 2017-12-5 19:01:26

“Don’t leave me, Harry. Please.”

A question has come to my mind.
Whether I would like to be the one who is been left behind or the one who died first.
To be honest, I'm afraid of death. But I'm more afraid of loneliness. So, I guess I would choose to be Harry, instead of Draco.

Harry pushed up onto his elbows and looked down “You’ll have to wear the dress, though. Your legs are prettier than mine.”

哈哈老實說我也覺得Draco的腿會很美很瘦~是美攻 XDDDDD

棋子眷昔年 发表于 2018-6-30 18:19:12


白羊羊羊Y 发表于 2018-10-17 01:19:18


candyroyalz 发表于 2018-11-13 16:49:23

真的好伤心 我拿着tissue抹眼泪 开放结局不适合小哈和少爷

sky199736 发表于 2018-12-14 22:22:52

i think it can really help me practice my english reading and writing, it cant deny that draco malfoy and harry are sweat couple
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